Is my personal information confidential?

Yes, we are committed to preserving the confidentiality of all customer and patient information and will not disclose it in any form, except when authorized by the patient or required by law.

Where can I verify your registration with the Dutch Ministry of Health?

We are registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health (registration number 6730 BEM) as an independent medicines intermediary. You can find our registration on Farmatec’s website under “Overview of valid BEM registrations XXXX.”

Is your service 100% safe and secure?

Yes, we are registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as an independent medicines intermediary and strictly follow your country’s laws and regulations. We only ship medicines with a valid prescription from your treating doctor.

What documents are needed to import a medicine?

You always need a prescription from a doctor in your country. Other documents, like an import license from the Ministry of Health, may be required, depending on your country’s regulations. Contact us for information on the required documents for your country.

Yes, most countries have Named Patient or Personal Import laws or regulations that allow patients to import medicines from abroad with a doctor’s prescription and, depending on the country, additional requirements.


Why do I need to pay before receiving the medicine?

We operate on a named patient import basis, where each order is processed for an individual patient. We need to pay for the medicines before we can source them, so we can only process your order after receiving your payment.

How can I be sure that I will receive the medicine?

We are a licensed company and have safely and legally delivered over 9,000 medicines to 58 countries. You can read patient reviews on Google and Facebook. When you place an order, you will receive detailed shipping information and a tracking number.

How do I pay for the medicine?

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation with payment details. Payment can be made via bank transfer or online credit card payment (with a 2.8% fee for credit card payments).

After receiving the order confirmation, how long is the quoted price valid for?

The price quoted on your order confirmation is valid for two weeks from the send date. If payment is not made within this time frame, prices may be subject to change.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept credit card and bank transfer payments, both of which are fully encrypted and secure.

Can I pay in cash?

No, we only accept credit card and bank transfer payments.

Do I have to pay in Euros?

Yes, we can only accept payment in Euros.

Will I receive proof of payment?

Yes, you will receive a payment confirmation in the form of an invoice as soon as we receive your payment.

Can I pay when I pick up the medicines?

No, we can only process your order after receiving full payment.

Why do I need to pay bank charges?

Your bank may charge fees for currency conversion. Please ensure you transfer the full amount mentioned on our invoice, without deducting the bank’s service charges.

Do I need to pay import taxes?

Import taxes may apply when shipping medicines to the destination country. These taxes, including import VAT and customs fees, must be paid by the receiver and are not included in our invoice.

How can I see how much a medicine costs?

The price/ cost will be provided after receiving valid orders from clients/patients. We’ll notify you after the price inquiry.

Can I get a quote online?

No, please contact us for a detailed quote, including all associated costs.

How is the cost of each medicine determined?

The base cost of each medicine is set by the manufacturer, and we add a fee to cover our services. Profits are reinvested into maintaining our service quality and expanding our medicines portfolio.

Can I claim the cost of the medicine via my country's healthcare system?

Some countries offer financial assistance for citizens to access medical treatment abroad. Check with your country’s health ministry or local patient organizations for more information.

Will my health insurance cover the treatment?

Health insurance companies may partially or fully cover the cost of the medicine. Contact your insurance company for details.

What information should I provide to my health insurance company?

Each insurance company has its own procedures, but generally, you should provide information about importing an approved medicine, the lack of treatment options in your country, the medicine’s approval in another country, and a doctor’s prescription.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds online to support medical treatment. Several crowdfunding platforms are available for this purpose.

Ordering and Shipping

How can I order my medicines?

Contact us and provide patient and doctor information, shipping address, and a copy of the doctor’s prescription. Our Patient Support Team will assist with the order process.

Do you accept insurance?

We generally do not accept insurance, but we can provide an invoice for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company in some cases.

Why do I need a prescription?

A prescription is essential for monitoring and ensuring the safety of your treatment. It is also a legal requirement for import and pharmacy collection.

What information should the prescription contain?

The prescription should include patient details, medicine name and dosage, quantity, doctor’s name, signature, and registration information. Ideally, it should be in English or accompanied by a translation.

How far in advance should I place a new order?

The ordering process can take up to 3 weeks, and you may need to renew your license or prescription. It’s advisable to contact us early to ensure timely treatment.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Order cancellations are possible if you contact our Patient Support team immediately. However, once payment is made and the medicine is ordered, cancellations may have a limited window.

What happens if the payment is made after 14 days and the costs have changed?

If payment is made after the 14-day validity period of the order confirmation, you will be required to pay the updated price.

If I want to place another order, do I need a new prescription or import license?

The need for a new prescription or import license depends on the situation. Contact our Patient Support Team when placing a new order for guidance.

Can I order as a company?

Yes, you can place an order as a company, but you must provide your company’s license to import medicines from abroad.

How does the shipping process work?

We source and ship medicines to you, following your country’s regulations. We use partner couriers for delivery.

How long does it take to ship my medicines?

Delivery times vary by country, the medicines ordered, and customs clearance but typically take 1-2 weeks.

How can I track my order?

You will receive a tracking number and a link to track your shipment when your order is shipped.

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped by partner couriers, such as DHL, UPS, EMS, and specialized cold chain couriers.

What is a cold chain shipment?

Some medicines require temperature control and are shipped with special packaging to maintain the required temperature.

Will I be contacted when my order is on its way?

You may be contacted by our courier partners to provide information about the delivery time.

Can someone else pick up the medicines on my behalf?

Yes, you can authorize someone else to pick up the medicines on your behalf, providing the necessary documents.

If I pick up my medicines, how will I take them home?

We will help package the medicines for travel, ensuring they meet transportation requirements.

What if I pick up a medicine that needs temperature control?

We will ensure the medicines are properly packed in a temperature-regulated transportation box and provide instructions for maintaining the temperature during transport.

Can I take the medicines in my hand luggage?

It is recommended to keep medicines in your hand luggage, and we provide a letter for airline companies to ensure safe transportation.

How big will the parcel of medicines be?

The parcel size depends on the medicine and the quantity ordered. Information on parcel size is provided when ready for pick-up.

What happens if my medicines are held by customs?

Our team will assist in the customs clearance process, which may involve verification and potential customs fees.

About Us

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our website’s contact form, email ([email protected]), or by phone.

Who is the team?

Our team includes legal, logistical, and patient support experts dedicated to helping you access generic medicines & approved medicines.

Which languages do you speak?

Our operational language is English, but we also speak Arabic, Afrikaans, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Romanian.

What type of medicines do you offer?

We primarily focus on oncological, neurological, and rare diseases, but if you’re looking for a specific medicine not in our offering, please contact us for assistance.

Can you provide medical advice?

No, we do not provide medical advice. Consult your treating doctor for medical guidance.

Where are you located, and what are your contact hours?

We are based in Bangladesh. Address: H# DCC1, Momin Shoroni Road, North Ibrahimpur, Mirpur-14, Dhaka- 1206, Bangladesh

Why were you founded?

We were founded to provide access to the latest approved medicines, inspired by the need for better access to medicines for serious illnesses. Learn more about our founders on our website.


Available Medicines
Can you help me import a medicine that is already approved in my country?

We can assist with medicines that are not approved or not available in your country.

If a medicine is approved and available in my country, what are my next steps?

If the medicine is available in your country, you should work with your local doctor or pharmacy to obtain it.

What if the medicine I’m looking for isn’t on your website?

Contact us, and we will do our best to assist you in sourcing the medicine you need.