Deucrava (Deucravacitinib), generic  SOTYKTU is a prescription medicine used to treat certain type of skin condition (moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis) in patients who need systemic therapy or phototherapy. Deucravacitinib should not be used with other potent immunosuppressants. Deucravacitinibis a drug that blocks the activity of tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2), an enzyme that is involved in inflammation and immune responses. Deucravacitinib binds to a part of TYK2 that regulates its function, and prevents it from being activated by certain receptors on the cell surface. This reduces the signaling of proteins called STATs, which are important for the development of psoriasis. TYK2 works with other enzymes called JAKs to form pairs that transmit signals from different cytokines, which are molecules that regulate inflammation and immunity. Deucravacitinib can inhibit the pairs of TYK2 and JAK1 or TYK2 and JAK2, as shown in cell-based studies.

Deucrava manufactured by Ziska Pharma Ltd. in Bangladesh.

Deucravacitinib has to take orally once a daily with or without food.


FAQ about Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/ SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib:

Q. Is  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/  SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinibavailable to supply worldwide?

Yes! We can supply  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib) worldwide. According to WTO rules and regulations, we can supply our prescription medicine in most of the country for patient’s personal use.

Q. What’s the  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/  SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib minimum order quantity?

Minimum quantity order of  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib) depends on client/ patients demand. We’ll notify it after price inquiring.

Q. What’s the  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/  SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib price/ cost in Bangladesh/ Russia/ USA/ UK/ India/ China/ Egypt/ other countries?

Deucrava (Deucravacitinib) price/ cost will be provided after getting valid order from clients/ patients. We’ll notify it after price inquiring.

Q. How I can order  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/ SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib?

To order this  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib), please inquiry the price first with proper information and then add to cart.

Q. How I’ll be ensured that I’m getting the original  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/ SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib?

First of all, we’re licensed online pharmacy service provider. We supply most kind of generic prescription medicine globally. We’ve dealings directly with manufacturing pharma company or with their authorized agent. Therefore, here is no doubt to get original  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib) by us. And also, you can check the security code that provided by manufacturing company whether it’s genuine or not. If you feel any issue or doubt, please inform us immediately.

Q. What’s my guarantee to get this  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib)/ SOTYKTU Generic Deucravacitinib without no hassle? 

Medicine For World (MFW) is supplying lifesaving prescription medicine worldwide since 2015. We’ve very good reputation as an online medicine supplying service. BBC World News reported about our online medicine service on their program. We assist patient in getting required medicine against valid prescription and other documents as required by the laws of jurisdiction in which they’re present. We consult and facilitate patients, hospitals, clinicians and researchers in accessing products through reliable sources, which are not available or approved in their home country. Also Registered doctors and patients recommend our service to help other patients around the world. Our lots of clients/ patients encourage us by giving their valuable feedback and referring about our service to others. So, we can assure that clients/ patients will get the  Deucrava (Deucravacitinib) without no hassle in-sha-Allah. If you feel any issue or doubt, please inform us immediately.

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    Side Effects

    The most common adverse reactions of Deucravacitinib are:

    common coldsore throat, and sinus infection (upper respiratory infections), cold sores (herpes simplex), sores on inner lips, gums, tongue, or roof of the mouth (canker sores), inflamed hair pores (folliculitis), acne. It may cause serious allergic reactions including feeling faint or swelling in the face, eyelids, lips, mouth, tongue, or throat, trouble breathing or throat tightness or chest tightness or skin rash, hives etc.

    The above information comes from the Internet. Please consult with doctor for medical advice.

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